What's in a price?

You can buy a violin for 50 bucks, if you're desperate. They are very difficult to play with a terrible bow that bounces all over the place and strings that sound like nails on a chalk board! This is why beginners sound screechy, among other reasons.

Good strings alone cost about $35 a bow another $75, adjusting the bridge (and other various parts) on the violin is crucial and can cost another $50-100! You don't even get any sound quality until you spend about $500!

You don't need all of this to start learning violin, however, after a year or two you will start to realize the need for some quality, in order to learn the techniques involved with violin playing. Professionals spend over $8,000 on a decent sounding violin and another $1000 on just a bow!

I can get you a violin that is meticulously adjusted for ease of playing

All instruments come complete with everything you need (bow, case, everything) 

If you already have an instrument that needs repair/adjustment, that's not a problem, I can repair/adjust anything, it will typically cost


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